What is Biodynamic Integrative Psychotherapy

It is a humanistic oriented body based psychotherapy, which emphasizes the importance of the body and ‘bodywork’ in achieving and maintaining emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well being.

Working on different levels, it helps each person move behind their symptoms to a core place where effective changes can be made in their lives.

How can it help?

Biodynamic Psychotherapy is suitable for both physical and emotional disorders or disease. The Biodynamic Therapist has several treatment techniques at their disposal. By working with each individual according to their specific needs, it helps the person restore their natural capacity for self-regulation and self-healing, which has been lost or forgotten through neurosis.

Biodynamic Massage 

Biodynamic massage therapy uniquely addresses the problem of tissue fluids associated with overstress. The fluid factor in disease is very much part of the biodynamic philosophy and the aim is removal of fluid through therapeutic attention.

When the different parts of the body are able to work in harmony through healthy pulsation of cells and tissues, all efficient systems (Digestive, Respiratory and Circulatory) affects the emotional health of the person. 

 Explore and Experience 

  • Relaxation
  • Breath work
  • Massage
  • Insights into your body/mind function
  • Insights into psychosomatic symptoms and illness
  • Awareness of anxiety issues and symptoms of stress /stress disorder


For an appointment:

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